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Nov 23, 2009


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The importance of diligent faithfulness if we claim to be faithful servants. When we fail to understand the character of the master we serve and when we justify our inaction, we are called wicked and lazy--what are the implications of being called wicked and lazy? Two sons--one says I won't and does and the other says I will but doesn't---which is the better son? I can understand a loss of rewards for unfaithfulness but torture?

Michael W. Kruse

Great question. I'm on the road today but hope to respond later today. Maybe others have thoughts.

Loy Cahilig

If Jesus represent the Master, it is totally against our belief that Jesus totally the opposite of that Master. Please explain

Michael W. Kruse

Loy, I'm not certain in what sense you see this as totally opposite the master all thought I would guess you are pointing to the harsh nature of the master. I don't think parables or biblical metaphors are intended to be a one for one correspondence.

Take the story of Jesus saying he make his disciples fishers of men. Fishing is predatory act. Fish are trapped, brought out of the water against their will, and consumed by the captor. Is this an accurate depiction of Jesus? Hardly. The general idea of bringing people into the Kingdom is the message not that we should be predators.

Similarly, this parable teaches that we are to be faithful to our master's will ... to have our masters mind and heart in all we do. Furthermore, there are consequences to our action or inaction. Don't get caught up in trying to make a one to one correspondence to Jesus and the master.

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