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Jun 23, 2009


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Dana Ames

"Gradually drifting away" is a concern for many churches, including EOrthodox ones.

The time in my local PCUSA church was blessed, and the people were a blessing. I knew when I first arrived there that it would be temporary; didn't know it would take nine years to figure out which direction to take... And my pastors were very supportive even when it meant that I was actually leaving. In hindsight, I arrived there already looking through Eastern "lenses" at some aspects of theology and what it means to follow Jesus.

I was received into Orthodoxy on June 7 (O. Pentecost), and for the first time as a Christian I am conscious that with this current big change I have been coming *to* something, rather than moving *away from* something. Of course both things happened, but the "positive" thing is greater than the "negative" thing for the first time.


Michael W. Kruse

I think most PCUSAers would consider your departure a healthy one ... not a cause for alarm. The challenge is those who lose connection and drift away ... seemingly with no follow up or care from their congregations. PCUSAers, in particular, are often so concerned about not being pushy that when it comes to evangelism and follow-up with troubled members, we fail to provide appropriate pastoral care.

Dana Ames

Or some people think that "pastoral care" is what we pay the pastor to do, so we don't need to...


Michael W. Kruse

You have a point there.


Dana: I think you've taken much the same path as Jaroslav Pelikan.

One problem with people leaving PCUSA is that the only ones likely to be left behind are the liberals, which will have the effect of driving off the remaining conservatives, leaving only the even more liberal.

Michael W. Kruse

I don't know Mike. The "fade aways" appear not to be given to any particular theological persuasion. Liberals are fading away too.

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