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Jun 17, 2009


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John Stackhouse

Michael, I appreciate all the typing, as well as all the thought, that goes into this series.

Here's one important little slip, however: "the faithful witness of pacifists will always serve as thorny reminder to the rest of us that we dare not take Jesus’ teaching peace and nonresistance seriously."

I'm pretty sure you'll agree that the sentence should read something like "we dare not ignore Jesus' teaching about peace and nonresistance" OR "we must take Jesus' teaching on peace and nonresistance seriously." As you know, I mean to affirm this position even as I am placing it in creative tension with the "just war" approach.

Thanks for lifting up these ideas to your blog readers!

Michael W. Kruse

Holy cow! What was I smoking when I wrote that sentence. :-)

Thanks for catching that. "Seriously" has become "lightly."

Travis Greene

Freudian slip at we pacifists' expense? :)

The "member, not microcosm" language is essential. Part of our problem is that, as C.S. Lewis points out, our present-day use of the word "member" is almost the opposite of what Paul meant. We are not homogeneous units in a class called "Christians". We are the church, and we need each other, and we celebrate our interdependence.

I also think the ecumenism that matters is that which happens "on the ground", so to speak. That is, locally. Organizations like the WCC are well-intentioned, but are, frankly, a little beside the point. But that may just be my free/low church bias.

Michael W. Kruse

I'm inclined to agree with you about Orgs like WCC. I don't discount them entirely but they are much less significant to me than their enthusiasts often suggest.

I really like the member not microcosm distinction as well.

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