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Jun 01, 2009


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Travis Greene

Re: literalism and the sermon on the mount...I get the point of avoiding wooden literalism (lest we end up like Origen--yikes!), but Jesus does seem awfully interested in us doing what he says. The house on the rock and all that.

Maybe it's just my quasi-dispensationalist background, but I get uncomfortable when the "turn the other cheek" stuff starts to be explained away as difficult/idealistic.

So I'll be interested in what Stackhouse's alternative is to the two responses.

Michael W. Kruse

There is clearly a tension. Jesus clearly does want us to do what he says but we know we live an already/not-yet Kingdom. I think both cultural accommodation and strict adherence to the letter of Jesus's teaching are human attempts to escape the tension. Living in the tension takes things out of our control to some degree. We must act amidst great uncertainty, at times, while trusting God.

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