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May 11, 2009


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Travis Greene

Lewis is essential, but yeah, he didn't seem to have much of an ecclesiology, which is kind of odd for an Anglican.

It's also true that he rejected dualism ("We must, indeed, believe the risen body to be extremely different from the mortal body: but the existence, in the new state, of anything that could in any sense be described as 'body' at all, involves some sort of spatial relations and in the long run a whole new universe. That is the picture - not of unmaking but of remaking. The old field of space, time, matter and the sense is to be weeded, dug and sown for a new crop. We may be tired of that old field: God is not."), but I think he was still affected by it in a lot of his thinking ("You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."). Probably a result of his classical education.

It's ironic that, as much as he critiqued modernism, he was still subject to many of its assumptions and biases. Which he'd be the first to admit (and does somewhere, I'm pretty sure).

Michael W. Kruse

Travis, Lewis was an odd mixture of things. Another aspect of Lewis' thought that Stackhouse points out is that Lewis was strongly attracted to the idea of monarchy yet in a fallen world he believed democracy was needed in order to check sinful human beings.

I think your point about inklings of dualism are probably right on. I've had my questions about that as well.

Travis Greene

Yeah, he says somewhere that if there was no original sin, patrilineal kingship would be the only lawful government. You can see this train of thought at work in Perelandra. I can't really figure this out, other than just as another example of his general old-world conservatism.

I certainly don't mean to sound overly critical...I can only wish to think with his depth, wit, and clarity. My blog is named after a quote from

. But we do our heroes a disservice if we don't acknowledge their flaws.

Michael W. Kruse

None of us gets it all right. If I'm going to exclude everyone's views I believe has got some things wrong, then I will end up talking to myself. :-)

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