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Apr 20, 2009


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Travis Greene

Interesting. I agree that the church has to market in the sense that it has to communicate. But if the medium is the message, we need to be careful. Maybe we should take more cues from viral marketing, and plant seeds of faith, hope, and love in a world of cynicism. Be mysterious. Ask more questions than give answers. Tell stories. And then, invite folks to participate.

Sounds like somebody I know.

Michael W. Kruse

Exactly, Travis.

One of the challenges for me is that in that in the popular lingo marketing is a synonym for advertising; especially in the form of some print or electronic communication.

In the business world anything that communicates to the world who and what your business is, is marketing. Therefore, the way I related to my employees is marketing. The way I relate to the public in terms of issues that have nothing directly to do with my sales is marketing.

There are industries where the only advertising may be a number in the phone book and a business card. Business is generated because clients come to trust your services and they recommend them to others. Word of mouth referral is probably the most coveted form of advertising a business owner has. I'd go so far as to say that for a great many industries that print and electronic advertising is effective only to the degree that the more relational aspects of the business have been properly developed.

Just being who we are called to be is probably the most important "marketing strategy" we have.

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