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Mar 06, 2009


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Thanks Michael. You identify some important distictions - particulalry surrounding the term not-for-profit.

Michael W. Kruse

You're welcome. I think it is a critical difference.

Dennis Sanders

Okay...so I guess you answered my question... :)

Michael W. Kruse

You inspired this post. :-)

Adam Carrier

I think the principle Wallis & Co. are trying to inject into the Federal Budget comes from the idea that our spending tells a lot about what we prioritize (Lk12:34 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.")

I think Wallis' point is aimed at the drastically underrepresented funding for "programs of social uplift", to quote Dr. King. In that sense, our national morality is rightly measured by seeing the impressive gap between funding for Defense and funding for poverty reduction.

You're still correct in that more money spent does not necessarily yield more results (or any results for that matter).

"God's Politics" was good --I'm reading "Great Awakening" now.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Adam. My big concern with the "budget is a moral document" thinking is that it tends to take our eye off the ball of how the poor actually make out. That has to be our central focus.

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