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Feb 09, 2009


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Dennis Sanders

Thanks for sharing this, Michael. I've heard many a pastor say something like the "myth of scarcity" and I always thought such talk was odd, remembering my econ classes in high school and college. I knew that metaphorically God produces abundance, but in the day to day world, there is scarcity.

Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy.

Michael W. Kruse

"Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy."

Well, I wouldn't want to jump to any rash conclusions like that. :-)

However, there is a strong anti-business, anti-marketplace, anti-economics disposition within Mainline seminaries and academia in general. I view Meek's, intentionally or not, as picking up on a phrase or term and twisting it toward an ideological/theological agenda without seriously engaging what economists are saying. That is a loss to both theology and economics.

Dennis Sanders

Having gone through seminary, I would agree that there is an automatic sentiment that the business world is basically evil. I've never understood that view, since many of the people that I look out at in the pews each Sunday work for businesses large and small. Are they fallen institutions? Of course. But so is everything else, including government, which is lauded as the savior in the same said seminaries.

Businesses shoulded be lionized, but they should not be seen as fundamentally evil either.

Michael W. Kruse

That pretty much says it more me!

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