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Feb 16, 2009


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Rich Scheenstra


Thanks for this series of posts and for your blog in general. Pastors like me need people like you to keep our feet on the ground, especially when talking about issues like social and economic justice.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Rich. This is a complex and often counter-intuitive topic. It's good to hear that my writing is here is at least semi-coherent. :-)


You should distinguish what is morally right from what works. The fact that government intervention does not work very well is not that important. The important question is who has authority to force me to do some thing that I do not think is in my interests. When is that morally permissable.

Michael W. Kruse

I agree that is fertile ground for discussion but unlike so many of my series, I'm trying to keep this narrowly focused. :-) I will indirectly touch on this some in a later post.

In general, though, every law prevents some portion of the population from doing what he/she thinks is in his/her interest. Otherwise, they would not engage in the actions and there would be no need for laws.

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