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Sep 25, 2008


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What about the very real possibility that all of the other religious and spiritual world-views which express a cyclical understanding of time, and the world process, in which human beings are embedded, are in fact correct?

And that the linear view of HIS-story of the semitic religions is a self-serving mythology which essentially provides the "theological" justification for the very worldly power and control seeking imperial endeavours that animate the real agendas of Islam and Christianity---total "rulership" of the world.

How do you really know that Jesus oriented you or anyone else to the "future".

Did you ever have an up close personal conversation with Jesus wherein he told you this?

You have grown up and lived in a culture which is completely saturated with the notion of the "future" and "progress"---such presumptions about the "future" etc are the invisible mind-scape in which you live.

Such presumptions seem to be completely "natural" and "obvious" to you.

But are they the way things really are in Truth and Reality?

What do you REALLY know about anything?

There is always only the present moment which is one indivisible and whole and in which is their not the slightest jot of separation to be found any-"where".

The vision of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall before he (Humpty) fell into fragments on to the ground.

And once thus "fallen" EVERY aspect of ones being, both "individual" and collective, is patterned by that fragmented viewpoint.

ALL of ones "theology" will thus inevitably be patterned by this fragmented "vision" too.

All of the kings horses and all of the kings men can never ever put Humpty back together again.


Mrs. Dumpty and her 6 children now receive federal and state assistance payments thanks to legislation passed by all the king's men.

Michael W. Kruse

Sue, I hadn't intended to ignore you but I'm in meetings all day meetings this week. My time to respond is exceedingly limited.

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