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May 20, 2008


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Emergent economist's answer: Because chicken eggs can be labeled "fair trade" on the other side.

The Shock Doctrine answer: Milton Friedman kicked the emergent chicken across the road and then charged him for it.

Driscoll's answer: The other emergent, chickified-dude chickens were on the other side.

McLaren's answer: That's an interesting question, and it prompts me to wonder why we invaded Iraq and how that's a generous gospel?

Michael W. Kruse

LOL. That is hysterical!

Dan Ra

What the... is it assumed that all Emergents are Obama supporters?


Yes. Afraid so.

They've been looking for an emergent openly support McCain, but it hasn't happened yet.

Some have been known to whisper about Hillary, but they run away when you ask them to fill out the survey form...

Michael W. Kruse

Dan, judging from my experience in Emergent conversations, I'm guessing Obama would win by a landslide if their votes were tallied. :)

Steve K.

Listen if an emergent came out in support of McCain, and McCain accepted that emergent's endorsement, it would only be a matter of time before McCain would have to "reject and denounce" that emergent, so ...

Viva la Obama!

BTW -- I like the fourth bulletpoint, but I would be more succinct and just call that one "post-roadcrossing" ;-)

Which reminds of Don Miller's old website, roadsearching.com? Anyone remember that site?


Listen if an emergent came out in support of McCain, and McCain accepted that emergent's endorsement, it would only be a matter of time before McCain would have to "reject and denounce" that emergent, so ...

You mean like Obama rejected and denounced his white grandmother?

Steve K.

"Obama rejected and denounced his white grandmother"?

What are you smoking, VanSkaamper?

BTW -- If you're on the McCain train, riddle me this:


What are you smoking, VanSkaamper?

Not a thing. Did you miss his comments about his grandmother, the "typical white person"?

And no, I'm not a fan of McCain...never have been...and your video seems to indicate that he's associated with some people with questionable records...just like Obama.

Push comes to shove, though, I'll probably hold my nose, vote for Johnny and hope he means what he says about government spending.

raffi shahinian

How does a simple discussion about chickens and emerging church morph into a political diatribe?

Hey, maybe we can get some funny answers to that riddle!

In the meantime, did we all forget the obvious answer? To get to the other side!!!!

Michael W. Kruse

Raffi, it Tis the season. :) Almost left the Obama one out but decided it was too much fun.

J Lynn Pflug

I must confess that I am just to old and slow to keep up with you guys and your clever and intelligent responses.


The emergent chicken crossed the road to show the fundamentalist, evangelical opossum that it could be done.

Michael W. Kruse

LOL. Nice, Fred.


that was cute. you're so post-emergent.

Susan S.

Maybe Driscoll meant "chickified" Roosters or, roostified chickens ?


too bad this post ever made it to the internet. It'd be really great if the "us vs. them" mentality could leave the christian dialogue.

Mike Clawson

"that was cute. you're so post-emergent."

LOL, this is what I tend to think whenever I read this blog. ;)

Michael W. Kruse

"Post Emergent"

I've been called a lot of things but this is the first time I remember be likened to an herbicide. :) My mision is to kill weeds after they emerge. :)

Jeff Thompson

I thought the reason the chicken crossed the road was to show the opossum that it could be done.

Cathryn Thomas

Because there was a more socially acceptable or justice provoking conversation that didn't involve the actual Cross.

sorry couldn't help myself.... just ribbing. Hopefully not with a sword to anyones side.



hilarious. my first response (before reading the post) was, "to get away from the modern side", which is covered under your #4...

#adam: so, does that make you vs. us, or you vs. them, or you vs. us & them both, or you vs. the internet, or you vs. dialogue, or you vs. vs.?

#Cathryn, OUCH. well, if the cross is on 'your' side of the road, maybe the emergers crossed to get a larger perspective?

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