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Mar 13, 2008


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He is right that Chrisianity has not changed this world enough and that their has been to much emphasis on escaping to heaven, but where has been? I started reading authors saying this over twenty-five years ago, so what's new.

His diagnosis of the issues does not seem to be any different from that of many secular commentators: environment, inequality, war. Yawn. If that is where he found the problems, I am already worried about where his solutions will come from, but I will reserve judgment until you have done futher posts.

Michael W. Kruse

Ron, I thinkg your worries are partly justified. Too often the book gives me the feel of being an agenda in search of a theological justification. There are many parallels here with what I saw in the emergence of the Religious Right thirty years ago.

And as to solutions, there are precious few specifics given so it hard to evaluate. The book is more about "Here is bad world we live in. Here is the good world we should live in."


I've not read the book, and don't see time opening up soon to do so. Your comments and perspectives, though, are greatly appreciated outside the context of a book review. I've been tinkering with ideas like the ones you are ascribing to McClaren, and your answers to the many options I've seen and considered are quite valuable to me.

And, as always, quite readable.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks codepoke. I have some strong feelings about some things contained in this books but I hope I'm not distorting McLaren's take on things. That is one reason for the lengthy quotes here and in the next two posts. I here mostly to offer an alternative view or "framing story." :)

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