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Dec 20, 2007


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Brad Cooper

Thanks for the summary on the OT prophets. Good stuff. I'd love to have the time some day to do a comprehensive survey on every passage in the Bible that deals with treatment of the poor...and then write a book based upon it.

Michael W. Kruse

I reading through the minor prophets right now in a Bible study I’m a part of. The key thing that comes to me over and over again as I’ve read these passages is how economic issues or inextricably caught up with the Covenant and faithfulness to God. Sometimes I think our Western minds want to neatly parse topics apart in a way the Bible doesn’t.

Sounds like a great book idea. "Prophets on Profits." :)

Brad Cooper

I think you're right, Michael. We are inclined to quickly jump to the conclusion that the Bible supports our way of thinking about things, instead of patiently listening to what the Holy Spirit is trying to say to us. Looking forward to #9! :)


I will be interested in what you find in the gospels. I believe that Jesus was more staunch about the dangers of wealth than the prophets.

Brad Cooper



Michael W. Kruse

Ron and Brad,



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