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Dec 19, 2007


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An important aspect of simplicity is how we store our wealth. A house by the beach and a bakery are both wealth, but the latter is more productive. I am interested that the blessing in Deut 28 mostly seemed to fall on productive wealth (capital).

Simpler living will affect our consumption of goods and services, but it should probably have a greater impact on what we do with a wealth. We should avoid ostentatious displays of wealth and focus on capital that will allow us to serve other people (by trade or blessing) and advance the kingdom of God.

I suspect that prior to the industrial revolution, it was more normal to put wealth into displays of status. Economic growth was assisted when it became more normal to put wealth into productive capital.

Brad Cooper


Excellent. I think it is important to note that the blessing of abundance was on the community of Israel--not on individuals. If Israel as a whole was faithful, blessing would come to all. When Israel as a whole became unfaithful and would not repent, curses came on the whole community--even the faithful had to endure them.

Ron, Some great thoughts. I think that the Holy Spirit must guide each of us in how to use the resources that he gives us. But I am with you, I think that in general we should be seeking to see how we can use our resources to bless others and further the kingdom of God.

Peace to both of you.

Michael W. Kruse


Good points. Conspicuous consumption seems to out of accord with God's vision for our use of wealth. I like your angle that much of the OT covenant abundance seems to be capital.


Thanks. I do need to keep making that point about communal abundance, don't I? We are so conditioned to read the Bible in individualistic terms.

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