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Dec 27, 2007


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The other important issue with respect to Jerusalem was that, unlike most modern Christians, the early Christians understood the message of Matt 24:1-35. They knew that Jerusalems's days were numbered. Pentecost confirmed that the Jewish temple was no longer needed, so the rest of what Jesus predicted would follow.

Owning property in Jerusalem was as good an investment as owning property in Florida at the moment. Sensible stewards sold there land in Jerusalem at the top of the market. Those who rejected Jesus warning and put their faith in the temple lost all their wealth when George W Caesar rolled in with Shock and Awe in AD 70. Acts 4:34 was simply a wise invetment decision.

Michael W. Kruse

"George W Caesar"


Never really thought of Matthew 24 as a "sell" signal but you could be on to something.


The implication is that Acts 2-4 took place in a unique political and economic situation, so the behaviour cannot be generalised to all situations.

The irony with this view is that we may be living in a time that parallels Acts 2-4: the market has peaked and the nation is under judgment. I note that the Dubai government investment company has just sold both 230 and 280 Park Avenue in New York. Maybe thy are better at reading the signs of the times than Christians. It may actually be a good time to sell propery and buy riches in heaven by giving to the poor.

Brad Cooper


Very interesting. Never thought about it from that angle either. I have a strong sense that you may be right about the decline of the U.S. economy, also. But then, we've been at this point a few times before and bounced back stronger than ever....But it is certain that the United States has no guarantee that it will continue to prosper.

I love your sense of humor, too. :)

Have a great weekend! You too, Michael! Peace to both of you.

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