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Nov 14, 2007


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Viola Larson

I got a lot out of this but I'm having a problem with this line, "Ontologically, we are a spirit, and therefore of the same substance as God." I would think that this would be a part of the fallacy you are writing about. Theologically speaking I believe only Jesus is of the same substance as God, all else including our spirits and angels are creations. If Christians believe they are of the same substance as God its no wonder they see work as only functional. Since all that is is God's creation, including our work or the talents, etc that God has given for our work such dualism need not be there.

Viola Larson

Somehow I managed to exchange instrumental for functional. I guess I need my first cup of coffee. Perhaps that will work.

Michael W. Kruse

Viola, what I was getting at is that the members of the Trinitarian God is spirit. We have spirit like qualities that liken us to God and distinguish us from the material world. That is true as far as it goes but we are not spirits inhabiting bodies. We are inseparable spirit/body whole beings. The attempt to define the image of God purely on substance issues leads to a deprecation of holistic humanity. My intended point was that the substance question is a legitimate inquiry as long as it is not divorced from functional and relational questions as well. Substance alone leads to horrible distortions.

Does that clarify?


Good Stuff
I look forward to the rest of the series.

Viola Larson

Yes Michael,
That's clearer. Thank you. And I agree completely with what you are saying.


Really well said...reminds me strongly of Brother Lawrence and the submitting of all that we do as sacrificial and sacred ministry.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the affirmations you all. The next one is a long one but I expect the others to be shorter. (No promises though.)

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