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Oct 26, 2007


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Profoundly true.

The question is how do we 'do' this practically speaking?

Perhaps it's different for each local representation of the Body of Christ?

Any practical tips in general though?


Michael W. Kruse

I've got a couple more posts coming. I don't know how much more practical they will be. I don't believe there is a simple formula with a quick fix.

I'm drawn to the idea of framing narratives. Jesus and Paul transformed communities by creating new narratives that people "moved into." That is part of the power of metaphorical theology.

Leaders need to form metaphors from our present context that connect people with the narrative of scripture. I've got more to say later but that is where my head is at.


thanks again Michael,

i think the key is that we DO ACTUALLY THINK about this stuff...not just go with the 'flow' and then wonder why things aren't working out the best. no easy answers like you say. we need to work it out before God in each situation.

however perhaps a good principle to keep in mind is start with the clear 'general overarching revelations/teaching' consistently taught in scripture then work towards specifics.... rather than find something specific in one particular verse and building a core doctrine from it, as some do.

For example, Eph 5:22 - must be understood in the context of Eph 5:21...

...Eph 5:25 says husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church... but does this mean wives should love their husbands any "less", since we have "all" been told to lay our lives down for each other regardless of gender etc... cf. Eph 5:1-2; 1 John 3:16 etc....

... Jesus teaches that we are not to lord it over one another as the pagans do but to serve selflessly one another... (Mt 20:25; Jn 13:1-17)...so any kind of "church leadership" must operate 'under' those indesputable guidelines of Christian character and action... etc etc etc...


Michael W. Kruse

I sort of look at with the metaphor of a telephoto camera lens. At times we have to widen out our field of view to get a sense of the broad sweep of what God is doing and remember that context as we zoom in on specific application. Too often we plow through life only in the zoomed in mode and lose all perspective.

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