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Oct 08, 2007


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we are inching closer to the real 'juicy' stuff now...
It's been a long but worthwhile wait i am sure!

Michael W. Kruse

I hope it is worth the wait. My hope is that by setting context we can better assess probabilities of competing interpretations, at least better than we can by looking purely and language and grammar.

Seth M. Ehorn

How is "with the Spirit" the direct object of the verb "be filled"? "Fill", in the verse used above is intransitive, and therefore by definition cannot take a direct oject.

Perhaps someone could enlighten us as to what method of diagramming the above verses was done in. For the rest of us, Tom Schreiner's Interpreting Pauline Epistles has an excellent chapter on sentence diagramming.

Michael W. Kruse

Seth, can you give me an alternate translation that you think works better here?

Maybe one of my Bible translator readers will see this and chime in.

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