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Aug 06, 2007


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Peter Kirk

One might argue that the "degraded" version of the Great Banquet is in mind in Revelation 19:17-18 (cf v.9), where the imagery is taken a logical stage further: the bodies of the evil people become the food at the supper, if only for birds.

Michael W. Kruse

Interesting connection! The images are quite similar. It seems the enemy shifts from being Gentiles in the degraded Isaiah version to those who oppose the reign of Christ in Revelation. it also doesn't appear the enemies were invited to a banquet only to have the tables turn on them. The feast is offered to the birds of the air after the battle is won.

It has been a while sense I have studied this part of Revelation. I do remember that birds of prey frequently symoblized the Romans but that doesn't seem to fit here. I'll have to dig out the commentaries.


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