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Jul 24, 2007


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Ken Klewin

If explained in these terms, Reformed theology would be so much better understood than the pedantic cr*p used for the last 500 years. I've never heard a better explanation of what Calvinists mean by "total depravity" than the predicament of the lost sheep. As usual, Jesus said it best.

Michael W. Kruse

Ken, a Prof. of mine used to say "I don't care much for the Apostle Paul. He was such a Calvinist." :)

Hang on. Jesus is about to take us even deeper.

Dana Ames

I wonder if Jesus is making the point that the sheep are the people of Israel, who are being abused and led astray by the false shepherds. This would make better sense with the OT allusions, along with Jesus' remark about being sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It would also better tie into the point you made yesterday, and with the lost son illustration.

My brain is making all sorts of NTWrightian connections, which would be too numerous to take up your comment space. This is the short way I'm trying to say I don't think Jesus was trying to illustrate "total depravity" or "the sin of humanity" at all. The point is, are you (who say you're God's people) on track with the Kingdom of God (what it looks like and how it is breaking in in me, Jesus) or not?

Chiasms are popping up all over the place... They are influencing how I read my bible, because to me they help show what the writer wanted to emphasize. So, here it would be Restore...


Michael W. Kruse

Dana, I'm going to wait until we get through the whole Luke 15 discussion to address this because I would have to explain what is happening in coming posts.

BTW, if you look at the footnotes in the first volume of Wright's trilogy you will see Bailey's footnoted in several places. Bailey rights a little bit of a response in "Jacob and the Prodigal" where he differs some with Wrights interpretation of his work. But the are clearly fellow travellers.

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