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Jul 05, 2007


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Dana Ames

This household code Osiek and Balch have pointed out is really something. (I have one of Osiek's books, "Beyond Anger"- she's a good writer.) So interesting to find things like this, and chiastic structures for example, that have been "hidden"- but not in some sort of gnostic way. They were there all the time. Thank God for new eyes and brains poring over the texts.

I've been wondering how you have fared with all the rain. Send some our way, wouldja? It was 107 today, and those who keep track of such things in our area say that our local lake will pretty much dry out this summer...


Michael W. Kruse

I have really enjoyed Osiek's and Balch's book on Family in the NT. I haven't read much of Osiek's work but Balch's name pops up everywhere around this topic. However, as much as I like this book I'm in sharp disagreement with their assessment of the later epistles. More coming later.

As to chiastic structures, I'm about to go chiastic in a big way in a couple more posts. I really eat this stuff up. Like you say, it is hidden to us, not because anyone was trying to hide anything, but because we have not read the words through the eyes of those who originally wrote and read them.

As to flood waters, we have been on the outer edge of that activity. The flood area starts about 40 miles south of Kansas City and goes on down through Eastern Kansas. I'm sure they'd love to send some you're way. The weekend is mid-90s and 60-70% humidity. (So don't be thinking about sending any of tha 107 this way.) All we need is good cold front to come along and usher in some tornados. *grin*

Dana Ames

Ah, tornadoes-
You can keep them, thankyouverymuch. I'd much rather deal with (by far and away, mostly tiny) earthquakes every once in a while than with the Yearly Tornado Season.

Sam Carr

One of the problems with my understaning of kingdom principles is that I always think in terms of extrapolation when it's better to try to think "upside own". Great stuff.

Dana Ames

Good point, Sam.

Michael W. Kruse

Well said, Sam. Donald Kraybill had a book that came out while I was in college 25 years ago called "The Upside Down Kingdom." I haven't read it in years, and suspect I might take issue at some points, but I remember being influenced by it then and the title has always stuck with me. I may have to get that one out and reread it.

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