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May 17, 2007


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Interesting stuff (as usual) Michael.
I am (with my husband) currently 'discussing' (debating?) the issue of whether God "is" male because he is metaphorically described as our "Father". Personally i believe that metaphors are metaphors. They teach us a truth - but cannot be taken literally. Jesus says he IS the "door", "vine", "bread" etc - but of course we don't take these metaphors to their fullest literal sense. Yet many claim God "IS" male, because he says he is our Father. (Sarah Sumner has an excellent chapter on this in her book Men and Women in the Church which i found most helpful).

Are you planning to deal further with the way in which God has chosen to reveal himself as "Father" in this series? Eph 3:14-15 talks about us deriving our name from him as Father... which makes so much sense in light of your teaching in this posting. Do you have any comments on this - or feel free to 'hold off' if you were going to touch on it in a later post.

I look forward to learning more !

In Christ,

Michael W. Kruse

Kerryn, I hadn't planned to go into this topic with this series. I wrote the following post as part of my Discovering Biblical Equality series. You might read it and let me know if it helps:

God Metaphor and Gender: Is the God of the Bible a Male Deity?


I have read the link and will read the Wright chapter again for myself too. It's a book i keep coming back to!
thanks Michael.

Michael W. Kruse

"It's a book i keep coming back to!"

Me too!

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