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May 15, 2007


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Mark Van Steenwyk

Fascinating stuff. It certainly chastens the conventional house church wisdom.

Missio Dei (my church) started more as a network of house churches and has moved towards neo-monasticism. My wife and I managed to find a big old house in the city that has an abnormally large living room (that can seat up to 40) and 6 bedrooms. We realized that it felt artificial to keep our gatherings to just 8-12 (which is the default small group size). Though we have our core of about 15 people, there are typically all sorts of guests receiving our hospitality that join us for meetings. This feels much more like the Roman "style" of house church to me.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Mark. I am seeing more and more of what you are describing. Maybe instead of building retirement communities we need be building pre-retirement communities. :)

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