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Apr 02, 2007


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Seeing the work place as a natural place for evangelism is good. However this is quite a limited view. We need to see the work place as a place where the kingdom of God becomes a reality.

Michael W. Kruse

Interesting you should raise this Ron. I had a similar reaction and it seems to contradict his emphasis elsewhere in the book and in his other writings. However, as I reflected on it more I suspect he is not using evangelism in the narrow sense of presenting the four spiritual laws or some making an evengelistic appeal. I exepct he means evagelism in the more full orbed sense of being Christ incarnate in our setting that others may experience and witness what the good news about.

I really bristle at the idea that the workplace is merely a stagging ground for evangelism. It is the place where we exhibit the Kingdom and our work has intrinsic value as a sacrifice to God.

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