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Mar 20, 2007


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Dana Ames

Ok. This is not only on my wish list, but I am going to seriously lobby for this as the next choice for my book group.


Michael W. Kruse

Hehehe...(Mike marking up another Stevens convert.)

Seriously, I think this is the fourth time I have gone throug this book, including teaching a Sunday School class. I am still picking up new things I missed the previous times. It is puzzling to me that Stevens has not been latched onto by emerging church types. What I fear this means is that Stevens is truly making the connection between daily living and God, while in Emerging circles, despite talk of desecularization, there is still a strong overemphasis on intellectualized philosophical spiritualism.

Dana Ames

I think Stevens has not yet been marketed well to emerging circles... Get Scot McKnight to review it ;)


Michael W. Kruse


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