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Mar 09, 2007


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Dana Ames

Harold is a dear and holy man- he has come to our church twice, and he captured this girl's heart in all the right ways. I pray for him nearly every day. He is a splendid example of all the vocations Stevens writes about.

Michael, in point 5 should it be "vulnerable" rather than "venerable"?



A great article, thank God for people like this.

Michael W. Kruse

I have met Harold a few times but we have never really had the opportunity to really connect. I know him mostly by reputation and what I have read and it is all good! This article demonstrates that.

Dana I think you are right. I merely did a cut and paste from the source. I will insert a correction.

Michael W. Kruse

And speaking of editing, the book really is coming.


Dana Ames

Oh boy!!

Rusty Bullerman

Great article. He has started where you really need to start, which is where the patriarchalists start, Genesis. The only difference is that he interprets it correctly. One point on Genesis 3; at no point is the man commanded to rule over the woman. The language is descriptive, not presecriptive. The whole foundation and key to the issue is what Genesis 1 - 3 REALLY says. The "complementarian-patriarchalist" argument collapses once Genesis is properly understood.

Thanks again for this great site.


Michael W. Kruse

You are welcome, Rusty. Thanks for your words of affirmation.

You are right about Gen 1-3. You can't get the hierarchical postion without reading back in to it.


Thanks for reprinting this - I missed it in Presbyweb. I hope you don't mind I linked you at my blog. I appreciate Mr. Kurtz's wisdom and hope/pray it is heard by many and in God's infinite wisdom, the culture which says women are an afterthought/second string embrace how liberating/freeing the gospel is for men and women.

Michael W. Kruse

Please link away. I have linked you as well.

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