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Feb 12, 2007


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Terry Tiessen

Sounds good, Michael. I haven't read the book but I have heard others express appreciation for it. I look forward to the nuggets you will share with us.


I really look forward to this series. This is an extremely important issue.

The way I have come at it is from understanding that the Kingdom of God
is much broader concept than the church.

We must recover a kingdom vision. The great commission was just a re-statement of the original (cultural) mandate given to Adam and Eve (Gen 1:27,28). God gave mankind two tasks. 1)Multiply and fill the earth. 2) Subdue and rule the earth. The first task can be done by families; with help from the church, where they need converting. However families, government and the church can’t complete the task of subduing the earth on their own. A large part of this task will be done by businesses



I'll be here. I am with you on the comment emerging comment.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks you all. There are few issues I am more passionate about than the issues in this book.


Just ordered this book from Amazon. Table of contents looks really intriguing. Will be interesting to "talk" it over with folks.


Michael W. Kruse

Great Rodger! I don't think you will be disappointed.

One of the perplexing things to me about the Emerging church conversation is that there is an often expressed desire to deseularize the world yet I see very little written or discussed in these circles about how matters of work and economy fully integrate into being the "Kingdom of God." I hope that by raising the issues here we might inspire some other Emerging types to wrestle with these issues.

Matt Wiebe

Sounds like a good discussion coming on. :)


Oh, this looks fascinating. I'll be around. I have come to realize recently that one of my great frustrations with church as I have experienced it in two Congregations, one Methodist and one Presby, is the emphasis on God's work as either what we do in direct connection with the ministries of the church or what we do in the "saving the world" part of our lives, with very little recogntion of our relationshipo with God in the context of our mundane everyday.

Beyond Words

Wow, with all the strident voices out their in "either/or" camps, you really nailed it, Michael. I'm not sure what Ron McK means when he says the kingdom of God is much broader than the church--maybe that's because the church's vision is too narrow?

I think the Emerging issues of work and economy will come with more life experience. I really hope their idealism doesn't go away like that of our generation-does that make sense? That's why I think we older people have a responsibility to come along side and nurture the things they're doing well and season the things that might get them off track and de-rail the movement.

Work and economy are essential to the holistic nature of the Emerging church.

Michael W. Kruse

I hear you gannetgirl!

BW I think you are right about those of us who are more "seasoned" staying a part of the conversation. I see some very good aspects to the Emerging conversation that need to be encouraged and also some things that need to be regularly challenged.

I have actually thought about writing a post called "I was Emerging before emerging was cool." :) I think my next post will hint at some of this. I know there are some of us "older people" for whom the Emerging issues are not all that new.

Sam Carr

I'm looking forward to your blogging through. The book sounds fascinating but is not available in bookstores here yet.

Totally agree with you on the need to recapture what and who we were really created to be, and why...

Nate Custer


I am really looking forward to this series, would you consider making a second feed with just posts from this series? I am thinking about using this as a starting point for a conversation with my pastor. I m thinking subscribing him to that feed as emails might be the best way to slowly introduce him to the blog world.


Michael W. Kruse

Nate, I have never tried to do a separate feed before. If you could point me toward how to do that (either here or by e-mail) I will be happy to give it a shot.

Michael W. Kruse

I should also point out that I expect to have "previous" and "next" buttons with an index.

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