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Feb 02, 2007


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Thanks for this review. I've had my eye on this book more than once and your review has done a nice job helping me make up my mind!

Michael W. Kruse

Dan, you are welcome. I am glad you found this helpful. I don't think you will be disappointed if you buy it but it takes some time and effort to plow through it all.


With you on this one Michael, it's a fantastic book. Well done on the review, too. It saves me writing one, I'll just link here as I couldn't do better.

Michael Kruse

Glad to be of service Eddie.

Enoch Wan

As the Editor of the free quarterly e-journal www.globalmissiology.org
I am writing to request your permission to post your book reveiw at the site in the April issue so that readers may benefit from you insights and be encouraged to buy & read this excellent book.

We will clearly document the source and give you the due credit.

May I hear from you soon?

Enoch Wan
Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Michael W. Kruse

Certainly, Enoch. Feel free to post my review.

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