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Feb 08, 2007


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brad wright

There seems to be an inverse relationship between state support and spiritual health of a church.

Any numbers as to how many Chinese Christians?

Michael W. Kruse

"There seems to be an inverse relationship between state support and spiritual health of a church."

Interesting how that works.

The article suggests there are 40 million Christians versus an official estimate of 16 million.

People I know from China tell me that Christians are disproportionately among the higher educated (although clearly they are still a small minority.)


Michael, years ago my wife and I smuggled bibles into China. Our contact there in Beijing asked us to lead worship in the "state chrch" which was quite an experience. That was 1986 and we were told that the size of the underground church was significant. I'm wondering, with the growth of Internet, are physical bibles still a high priority in China? I wonder if the PROC govt filters virtual bibles?

Michael W. Kruse

Anon, I don't know about filters on the internet. When I was in Beijing in 1999 a bible was not that odd. People who have been there more recently tell me that people in major costal cities carry them quite freely. I don't know if that would hold true in many rural areas or inland cities.

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