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Nov 03, 2006


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Certainly a sad fall and reflects poorly on the entire Church.

As you reflect it would benefit all churches (I'm pcusa) to have in place better systems of accountability. However, I think you are perhaps off regarding our connectional nature as an antidote to such incidents.

"1) most of these large churches are not part of denominations which have a connectional enough system to hold the individual church leadership accountable through peer leaders in other churches...."

In theory it is and it should be. But my experience in practice is that by the time the COM or other pastors are stepping in it is way to late. Pastor Lance at fullcourtpresby blog has written some about new ways we might network and kingdom build together with a more realistic connectionalism. Some pcusa (or other connectional/denominational) pastors will have strong and effective accountablity partners. Some big-steeple evangelical nondenoms will too. but it is likely that these effective accountability relationships will come from grassroots than from institutional structures.

Anyhoo, my 2 cents!

Michael Kruse

Thanks. Actually the observations are Witherington's not mine. I too share some of your concerns about supposing a "connectional accountability." I got caught in the middle of a PCUSA congregational meldown four years ago and because of several beginning miscalcs by the COM it made things much worse than it had to be. I don't see our present connectionalism being very proactive with problems like these.

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