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Nov 02, 2006


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Jinny Chieu

Psst! Some typos in second paragraph under Lev 18:22 (just after chart). It says "prohibitio This" and "I" (missing t) in the sentence after. Also under discussion on Rom 1:18-32, second paragraph, "InVerses"

Michael Kruse

Thanks Jinny. Trying to do five things at once on four hours sleep is obviously not in my skill set. *grin* Hopefully it reads okay now.

Amy Borjas

Michael, Thanks for this series! I popped over here from "Jesus Creed". I really appreciate your wise words and humor!

I'll check out the series and I think I have another book to add to my list!

Michael Kruse

Thanks for the affrimation Amy. I have been blogging this as much for my own edification as anyone else's. I highly recommend the book but be sure to get the 2nd edition. They swapped out a chapter from the first edition.

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