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Oct 01, 2006


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Ted Gossard

Yes. Michael. I'm going to have to read this. Since neither my budget nor time allow me to get every book I'd like to. Thanks for reveiwing it for us.

Michael Kruse

My pleasure Ted. This is one of my favorite practical theology topics and this is on of my favorite books on the topic.


OK, I have finally (I'm terrible about that) linked to you so that I will be sure to remember to keep up with this conversation! I have already read the book and loved it, and am looking forward to discussing it with you and others... (Btw, your comments regarding men/women/gender over at Jesus Creed were just plain AWESOME. :)

Michael Kruse

Thanks Molly! I didn't plan this series to coincide with Scot's stuff but it sure has mad a nice companion converation.

Ruud Vermeij

Your link to chapter 8 is incorrect.

Michael Kruse

Thanks for catching the bad link. It should work now.

Ruud Vermeij

You are messing up again with your links (ch. 16 & 17), there is also a typo in the link title to chapter 16 (Prisethood)

Michael Kruse

Thanks for catching the typo. I am not sure what was up with the links. I re-entered what appears to be the same character string and now they work fine.


Michael Kruse

Ruud, I have been using Mozilla browser as I have linked up posts on the last few chapters. When I copied the URL for Chap 18 P1 to the "next" link in Chap 17 it worked fine. I went to the "Index" and used the same URL for the Chap 18 P1 link and it didn't work. I went back and copied the same URL from the same original source and pasted it and the link worked fine.

Arrrgh! Thanks for catching these. If any one spies problems let me know. I think all the links should be fine now.

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