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Sep 26, 2006


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On paternity leave two weeks ago, Ms. Kairos and I went to Jacob's Well. Overall I was quite pleased. The worship experience was dynamic, and I was moved by the music (which fits my generation well). I was less than impressed by Tim's sermon, or better his delivery, which I thought could be described as frenetic-doped-on-caffeine. He lost me after the second sentence. I thought that odd, since the congregation was *full* of 20somethings (more than I'd seen in a worship event in a long time) and they seemed to endure it. I'm not sure that they were there for his sermon or for the music and worship experience (which, actually, would fit the generational model, but not the goals of emergent preaching).

That made me sad, since I was hopeing to be moved by his sermon.

But all in all it was a terrific visit. They are doing incredible things that I plan to learn from myself.

Michael Kruse

"I was less than impressed by Tim's sermon, or better his delivery, which I thought could be described as frenetic-doped-on-caffeine."

LOL. That would be Tim.

Sometimes I really connect with Tim and other times I think I know what you are talking about. I do like that keeps pushing the edges and is willing to risk failing. I think one of the key things is that the sermon while important is not the central foscus of Church life. Their Impact groups is where a great deal of "being the community happens" not Sunday worship.

Jacqueline Kelker

I wouldn't say that City Church is envious of River City's building. It was my impression it was in worse physical shape than 1st Covenant. I have never been inside, so I can't compare.

Michael Kruse

Hi Jaqueline! Long time no see.

I wasn't sure what comment you were refering to. I didn't see any thing referring to River City's building.

Also, the author got one small detail wrong. River City isn't Southern Baptist. They are Baptist General Conference.

It is good to hear from you!

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