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Aug 03, 2006


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Denis Hancock

I see you can get them in case lots, too.

I quite agree about the Bible, although the flag in the sanctuary is not an issue I would use as a litmus test.


I was a little nonplussed to receive a nice American flag from ABS with a request for a donation. Hmmm. I don't like to use a giveaway and stiff the giver, but I can't just throw the flag in the trash. So I sent them a small donation and put the flag on the shelf. I hadn't heard about the Bible, which is beyond the pale, as far as I am concerned.

Michael Kruse

I wouldn't use as a litmus test and I understand why some want them there. But for people who haven't grown up in churchianity it can be a bit suspicious. I can live with it many contexts. But this Bible thing is over the top for me.

We theocrats need to be a little more circumspect ...oh wait...did I say that out loud? Argh. Now I've given away my true colors! *grin*

Michael Kruse

Interesting Dave. I would be curious to know what is behind this campaign.

Ted Gossard

Please....I just ate breakfast...


I wonder how folks would respond to the Nazi Flag Bible, or the Confederate Flag Bible. This is disgusting.

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