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Jul 11, 2006


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Dave Stanley

What a great post Mike. I'll have to somehow get this to my Sociology teacher and see what she has to say. I hope she doesn't have a meltdown right in front of everyone. :) I love the fact that even so-called irrefutable facts can still be challenged and are not always as 'irrefutable' as they may seem. Thanks again for your thoughts and your ability to open this giant can a bit more.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Dave. As you know, I think environmental stewardship is important. As Christians we need a sound theological understanding of environmental stewardship. While apocalyptic scare tactics may be effective in the short run they can backfire in the long run.

Ted Gossard

Thanks Michael.

I am an agnostic about such claims as from Gore, and find your piece most helpful.

I agree with you that we ought to address environmental concerns which have been well evidenced to be harmful to humans. We are reckless, overall as humans, in the toxins we dump into the air, water and land.

So we need people involved who call us to responsibility without the association to such extreme positions as those taken by Al Gore.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Ted. I plan to write at a post or two about stewardshihp and ecoloy in my Theology and economic series (possibly late next week.) Gore's movie has really motivated me to try to articulate a coherent way to think about ecology as eikons of God.

Keith Demko

Interesting stuff .. I was shocked by just how entertaining this movie was .. who knew Al Gore had that in him?

Michael Kruse

It really is well done. I think maybe Gore and Bob Dole should team up or a Comedy Central news analysis program.

Cam (Australia)

Thanks so much Ted. I actually used to be a 'believer' (I am an environmental scientist and geologist), so I dug more to find out about the issue and then after weighing up all the facts over the course of five or so years, I am now the biggest non-believer there is. I am so disillusioned with the profession in general, who are basically nothing more than prostitutes, that Im contemplating leaving the environmental field altogether.

I am ridiculed at my workplace, by family and friends (who might I add wouldn't know a solar fluctuation from a solarium) - but I stand by the facts 110%. This is the greatest abuse of science in history, corrupted and perverted by politicians, economists and activists. Climatism - is the new religion - and if you dare speak out, we'll burn you at the stake! Politicians and activists have now realised in this day n age of the internet and email, that the best way of pushing an agenda is through a hidden and mythical menace - much like the 'terrorist' play of the earlier part of this decade. 'Fear' is the best method of being elected, of putting in trade restrictions to protect the EU (ie. the Stern debacle), of gaining publicity and so on. Look at the dimwitted irrelevant celebrities getting in on the act. Its game over Im afraid!

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