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Jun 26, 2006


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Dana Ames

Don't know if you have time, but I would really like to hear how you & Kester Brewin (author, "The Complex Christ") would interact.

www.thecomplexchrist.typepad.com/the_complex_ christ/

I think the discussion could be very fruitful.
I'll introduce you to Kester.


Michael Kruse

Thanks for bringing him to my attention, Dana. I drop by his site every now and then but I have been a bit distracted lately.

I see he is writing about Veblen and "conspicuous consumption": The act of buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't like. *grin*

I'd love to chat with the good brother across the pond and I see you have posted a comment pointing him to me. Thanks.

I would be curious to know if there is anything specific that makes you connect what the two of us have been writing or is just our general obsession with things economic?

Dana Ames

Only you know for sure if it's an obsession!

I dunno- you guys seem to have ideas sparked by things economic, but you come at them in slightly different ways because of your different interests and Sitzen im Leben. I think you're both idealists :) and you both also connect economics with your views of the Kingdom of God. I think if you were to spend f2f time with one another you'd get along really well, in spite of your differences, and I think you'd stimulate a lot of good thinking in each another. Just my hunch.


Michael Kruse

Thanks Dana. That helps.

As to being an idealist, a good friend of mine and I were comparing meyers-briggs temperaments awhile back. Many fiction writers use the MB archetypes to frame their fictional characters. Some people have assessed historical and fictional characters MB archetypes. My friend is an ENFP and I am an INTJ. In the Star Trek world, he has the temperament of Captain Kirk and I have the temperament of Captain Picard. He is an inspiring charismatic character that gives energy everywhere he goes. He and his family moved into a distressed neighborhood three years ago to work with urban youth. I live not far from him in a less distressed urban neighborhood and share similar passions but my energy tends be on analysis and finding things that work. Then I try to connect these things with resources that help them do what they do better while educating others about what I see working.

My friend is an idealist and that is what I thought I was earlier in life. Actually, I am a hopeless rationalist or scientist. I love big ideas (like the idealist) but every idea has to be rigorously tested for veracity and for its ability to guide future decisions. This is where I usually get crossways with the idealists and why I think I often find myself at arms length in Emergent circles (which is crawling with idealists). I am unwilling to embrace their idealistic visions with reckless abandon.

I mentioned that I have the temperament of Captain Picard. Gandalf and C. S. Lewis are also INTJs but then again, so were Professor Moriarty (from Sherlock Holmes) and Hannibal Lector. *grin*

Don’t know why I felt compelled to tell you all this just now, but there it is.

BTW, any chance you are blogging Dana? You always raise such interesting issues.

Dana Ames

Well, I appreciate you opening your MB soul!

That just confirms why I think you & Kester could be great "thinking partners"; he sounds in some ways like your friend, and he is also quite willing and able to grapple with implications. He doesn't sound to me like the "charismatic leader" type, but he teaches at, and lives across the street from, an inner-city junior high public school in London. He's also one of the founders of the Vaux alt.worship group (now disbanded). I just appreciate both your points of view very much. Always on the lookout for what illuminates and fits into the Big Picture.

Thanks for the compliment. I feel insecure about raising issues on a blog of my own. I think I think better in response to what I hear sitting in other people's "living rooms". The only hesitation I have with joining in the conversation is if I find myself getting defensive- not productive for anyone. Still learning.


Michael Kruse

Thanks Dana and I fully understand. Not only do I have my own issues with not getting defenisive but I also find that this mode of communication can lead to all sort of misunderstandings. In person, I often use very subtle humor and double meanings. I found that much of this does not translate well into this format. People who know me pick up on what I am saying and others pick up something altogether different. I also know I am frequently inept at picking up on emotional clues people are sending me.

I am really enjoying blogging but you are right. It can be a challenge. Still, should ever decide to take the plunge, let us know.

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