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May 04, 2006


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Denis Hancock

If I had to choose between too big and too small, I would err on the side of too big.

At heart, though, I prefer to focus on the One who is at the center of the circle rather than how far I can push the perimeter.

If we draw the radius too close, we risk excluding those who God has included. If we extend the radius too far, we may include those whom God has chosen to exclude. Which one does more damage to the Church in the world? The parable of the tares is instructive here. It's not our job to weed the garden.

Michael Kruse

I think there is also the possible problem that in drawing the circle too wide you paralyze mission. The body can never reach agreement oon a common mission. Draw it to narrow and you may exclude emerging mission that is central to God's heart. No formula answers these questions in my estimation.

I think I generally want a church with a narrower circle than liberals allow for and a wider circle than many conservatives allow for while wanting a church diven by mission instead of "the way we have always done it" which the loyalist are committed to. I find compelling and frustrating elements in all three camps.

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