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Apr 26, 2006


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Tyson Supasatit

Fascinating. Your emphasis on the distribution of the means of production is very similar to Distributionism that G.K. Chesterton advocated.

Michael W. Kruse

Yes, there is some overlap, but I have to say that I'm not a proponent of Distirubtionism. There are places for large firms. It often depends on the aspects of a particular industry. But the general notion that everyone ought to have at least a basic minimal level of capital investment in society is important. We can talk about how high the floor needs to be without necessarily setting a height on the ceiling. ;-)


"We can talk about how high the floor needs to be without necessarily setting a height on the ceiling."

I like that analogy! Thanks for writing this series. I found it very helpful in understanding the implications of OT ethical teaching for today's society.

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