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Mar 29, 2006


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Denis Hancock

This is the area in which my principles are stretched to their limits, and maybe beyond.

A consistent pro-life stand wold tend toward opposing abortion, capital punishment, and war -- yet very few people actually are pro-life across the board.

I personally find it hard to stomach that the opposition party from 1993-2001 was criticizing the various bellicose acts of the Clinton administration and are now supporting the acts of their president. At the same time, those who were uncharacteristically silent from 1993-2001 have found their anti-war voice again.

There are general principles and specific instances. Most of us who are, at heart, opposed to violence, are willing to respond militarily in specified circumstances. (we don't call it "wishy-washy; we call it "nuanced")

The problem is that the more specific instances where we set aside our general principles, the less meaningful our principles become.

It's something I struggle with.

Michael Kruse

Interesting observation. Sometimes the "consistent" in the ethic isn't so consistent. I hadn't thought about it just the way you described it.

Denis Hancock

Well, carving out exceptions is not the path of least inellectual resistance....

My default is to come down on the side of life, and that is where it has to be for me. I have very few exceptions in so far as abortion and capitol punishment are concerned. In war,I make more allowances.

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