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Mar 02, 2006


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Quotidian Grace

I'm struggling to keep up with you, Michael! Thanks for this series, though. I am learning a lot from it.
I'll be reading this essay later today.

Michael Kruse

Thanks QG and you are welcome. I have called a cease fire until at least Monday, maybe Tuesday. Hopefully, that will give a breather. (I know I need one.)

While the background stuff is essential and helpful I find the essays coming up even more engaging. Thanks for joining in.

Denis Hancock

> I have called a cease fire

Darn! And I just chambered another round.

So far, this was the only chapter that really made my eyes cross, but there was one thing I really appreciated -- The idea that we hold dual citizenship, and that we are to be good citizens in both domains.

I will re-read this chapter tonight and may find something else to comment on, but for now, it's off to bed.

It's good to see Q.G. join this discussion. I look forward to your insights.

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