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Feb 23, 2006


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Denis Hancock

Growing up, as I did, in the UPCUSA, "evangelical" was almost a pejorative. Even recently I have heard some Presbyterians say that the reason they are Presbyterian is that they prefer to use their minds rather than be told what to believe. (Of course, as Reformed Christians, we can always go to the Scriptures which "...teach what Man is to believe conerning God, and what duties God requires of Man.")

Groups such as the NAE and periodicals such as Christianity Today did much to demonstrate that evangelicals were not just bible-thumping-hellfire-and-brimstone-preaching extremists. They were a group of thinking, discerning people, much the same as many Presbyterians I knew...

By the time I read The Book of Confessions and studied our confessions' Biblical basis, it became obvious to me that the UPCUSA. PCUS and PC(USA) were, on paper at least, squarely within the evangelical tradition.

Michael Kruse

I think one of the things I found fascinating about this chapter was to reflect not only on the trajectory of Evangelcial change but also Mainline change and the change in the culture. We are clearly in a time of great change.

Carolyn Taylor Thompson

Your references to "Rev. Clyde D. Taylor" are incorrect. The middle initial should be "W.". Clyde D. Taylor, the son of Clyde W. Taylor, is not nor was he ever a reverend. A career officer in the Foreign Service, the only title he still retains is "Ambassador", apparently a title one continues to use even with no long serving in that capacity.

Michael W. Kruse

Carolyn, thanks for your correction. I was quoting the book which is incorrect.

I see Taylor in your name. Coincidence?


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