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Dec 06, 2005


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I read that book years ago. Very interesting and wise stuff. Their dates are just estimates. I bet if you asked them they would say the turned happened on 9/11.

Michael Kruse

Yes, Daniel. In fact, that is what the claim at their www.lifecourse.com website.

They haven't yet suggested a date for the end of the Millennnial Generation and the beginning of the "Artist" generation, although those clearly are the infants and toddlers of today. I am guessing the generation ended about 1998-2000 based on the fact that most generations start 1-5 years before a turning.

We will see. Thanks for dropping by!


In their previous book, Thirteenth Gen, Howe and Strauss argued the then-implausible idea that the Gen Xers, after a wild youth, would face a time of great test, probably a great war. In their time of trial, Howe and Strauss predicted that Gen X (what they call the 13th generation) would prove to be great military leaders, and would rebuild basic institutions. This has proved even more prescient, I think, than The Fourth Turning.

Michael Kruse

Someday I am going to have to go back and make a list of their forecasts and do a scorecard.

In rereading some of this stuff, I had the experience of reading something they wrote and saying to myself "Well of course that will happen. It is happening now." only to remember that what I was reading was written 10-15 years ago. I think the have gotten a host of things right.


i am doiing a term progect (8th grade)
on this, the generations and turnings.
i need more specific information past a Crisis war for the future and millenium generation

Michael W. Kruse

Jack, I am not sure that Strauss and Howe would necessarily say that a war is inevitable but that a fourth turning will culminate a major crisis (altough the last three were wars: Rev War, Civil War, WWII). I think most people who follow this stuff think 9/11 was the beginning of this crisis era and, if Strauss and Howe are right, we could be a decade or more from reaching a the high point of the crisis.

Does that help?

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