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Dec 09, 2005


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I'm looking forward to your articles on Kenneth Bailey. I have been a long-time fan of his, and it's been too long since I read Poet and Peasant.

Christy Bakker

Hi Mike!
A friend sent me your piece wherein you mention GA should be canceled and all commissioners sent to YL camp. I couldn't agree more!

In Christ,
Christy Bakker; Area Director for Young Life Quincy


Hey Mike,

Having spent 20+ years in the Middle East as a Missionary, I can tell you what a great blessing Bailey's ministry was over the years to different mission groups, students, and nationals throughout the Middle East. Imagine him teaching just as effectively in Arabic! A great guy. I only wish he had written much much more than he did. Perhaps that's what he's up to now that he's retired (so I hear).


Michael Kruse

My understanding from a couple years ago is that he is part of a translation team that is translating ancient Arabic manuscripts and lexicons to English. If someone knows more I would sure love.

One of the things reviewing these books has done is inspire me to do a literature search for the articles he has published (in English at least) and compile a bibliography. Should I ever actually get around to that I will put it on my blog.


its me bailey kruse

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