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Dec 07, 2005


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will spotts

This is a very good summation piece. Some of the characterizations are accurate. I think I might resist others -- but my parents were older, which means that not all of the factors that influenced others in my cohort would have influenced me.

Michael Kruse

Thanks, Will. I am at the trailing edge of the Boomers and those born at the cusps between to eras often feel they don't fit. I was born a little more than a year before the 1961-1964 dysfunctional group and descriptions of their lives and attitudes seem more (but not perfectly) descriptive of my default take on life.

I come back again to the behavior of the aggregate versus application to any specific individuals. There are so many variables that ifluence our personal biographies but the patterns of aggregate behavior is always interesting to me.

will spotts

Yes, the aggregates seem to work fairly well for this. (Though I still wonder about other ethnic groups -- as many of the descriptions don't seem to fit for my observations of them.)

I just find it funny that I tend to have an automatic, not-entirely-conscious bias or resistance to this to based on my personal experience -- and based a little bit on my desire to view individuals as free. OK -- not very Presbyterian of me in the traditional sense. It was the one thing I found problematic in sociology -- I'd be fascinated by the data, but I'd resist interpretations of it that I didn't like. (Sort of that fine line between science and voodoo . . . though I must admit this study has been far more successfully predictive than most.)

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