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Nov 03, 2005


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will spotts

Interesting that the age phenemonon is silimar to that seen for suicide. I wonder if there was any racial correlation observable on that statistic?

So far your statistics do not support a downward trend -- that seems to be widely perceived.

I'm curious how you account for the disparity between perception and reality. (OK, I know you're getting there . . . patience is not my strong suit.)

Michael Kruse

I have not done an ethnic breakdown but I suspect you are right the suicide and crime issues are related.

Not every thing I have coming is rosy but most of it does show things improving. Yes, you are anticipating my ultimate question, "If things are so good, why do we feel so bad?" Actually, I think there is some validity as to why we feel bad in spite of the numbers. But if I spill the beans now, no one will read the rest of my posts. **grin** I also want to see what others my think or suggest before I write what I think.

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