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Aug 30, 2005


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Denis Hancock

Excellent points. I especially appreciate your distinction between Darwin's theory and the Darwinist ideology that has grown around it. I find that somewhat analogous to the distinction between Science and Technology.

La Bona

Here is a related entry ...

Did God actually created man from scratch?

According to Intelligent Design Guru: If we are indeed created by God from scratch, then we are actually a very lousy design … a FLAWED creation, so to speak!

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will spotts

The distinction between these two is very important.

Current evolutionary theory is accepted popularly without an honest understanding of the actual science involved. It is accepted in a warm fuzzy, progressophile manner. (Meaning evolution is used as a metaphor for all kinds of changes -- most of which are social and contrived, not evolutionary at all.)

Michael Kruse

If you have an answer to La Bona's question post it here too. I want to know the answer as well.

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