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Aug 24, 2005


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will spotts

Three of these (with modification) seem to make the transition to post-modern working beliefs (not necessarily the philosophy, but the general culture).

Progess (not just human history but everything), the ability to engineer human life, both social and individual, and the perception of the individual (or group) is the foundation of reality.

Michael Kruse

Thanks for these observations, Will.

Progress - I think the modern age (20th Century) was about hyper-progress. Tear-down everything and build it newer, bigger, and better. The post-modern take has been to go forward but retain that which is good from the past. The post-modern picture has also been that with each leap in "progress" there is usually a new set of problems brought as well. Progress isn't bad but it isn't all it was cracked up to be.

Engineer human life - I think a distinction here is that the post-modern picture is that each tribe should be ablr to organize their own community where Modernism became about homogenizing the whole society into one be super engineered culture.

Perception - Has moved from being located in the individual to the tribe which you suggest.

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