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Mar 04, 2010


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Thanks so much for providing the clean transcription. I have the same original copy I believe -- thanks to John Lunn. But since I like to assign it as class reading sometimes, it's nice to have your marvelous transcription so that students can encounter it afresh, without existing underlinings and markings.

Thanks again!

Michael W. Kruse

You are welcome. I OCRed it and then had to do considerable clean up. Found at least to typos in the original but left them there.

I love this article.

sam carr

It's fascinating, lots to chew on...

Michael W. Kruse

Whenever I try to discuss my economic and political views (using Heyne's traffic analogy) progressives hear me preaching anarchy and libertarians hear me preaching an air traffic control model. I think part of what draws me to this article is that it makes the case why government is simultaneously so essential and yet so limited in what it can do.

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