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Jan 30, 2009


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Clay Allard

Amen and Amen. Why are there so few centrists? Too much ambiguity seems to scare too many people. Centrists have a lot of communicating they have to do; one has to embrace the fact that life is a moving target, and that change is the only constant. I don't know if I'm Gruntled or not, but somehow or other the conversation has to begin. You're on the GAMC-- how can we nurture the conversation along?


That's probably a good start - but labels are really hard to define, mainly because it's hard to get a lot of people to agree on what the label means.

There are some so far left (or right) that to them, anyone in the center seems far right (or left).

In the Conservative definition, "... and prevent everything else" seems a bit loaded.

We want to promote what's best, and we say that what's best is what's been tried and true, and not what's been tried and failed. We oppose Communism and Socialism because they've failed.

As I see things evolving under this new administration, they simply don't think they've been tried often enough.

Today, Obama was quoted as saying that he figures that the problem with FDR's policies is that they didn't go far enough. From an interview with Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK):

“The president offered a comment in the conference the other day. He said that the spending program that President Roosevelt used in the beginning of the depression – the real problem was that Roosevelt slowed down on public spending in the first two years. If he’d just kept on spending that money, we’d have gotten out of the depression quicker…"

Another link:

New Deal

"The New Deal never solved the unemployment crisis"

Still, I can't think of a better alternative than labels. Maybe we just need better ones - or at least, words that aren't weighed down with years of associations.


Not centrist enough to be convinced.

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