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Oct 04, 2007


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Peter Kirk

Thanks for clarifying that woman was created because of man, because man was incomplete without her, rather than for man, as mere servant.

It is interesting to note, but not clear in Bailey as you present him, that Paul seems to be making a word play with dia. He is consistent in verses 8 and 11 that woman is ek man and not vice versa. But in verse 9 man is not dia + accusative "because of" woman but vice versa; nevertheless in verse 12 man is dia + genitive "through" woman. (In verse 10 both dia's are + accusative "because of".) I suspect that Paul uses this word play deliberately to show that although he has different roles for men and women he is treating them equally.

Michael W. Kruse

I remember that Bailey addresses some the grammar issues in his lectures but I honestly can't remember if he makes the point as precisely as you made it. What you say certainly matches the gist of his analysis and makes sense to me.

Dana Ames

Michael, I'm not at home now, but when I get back I'll send you the link to an interesting article someone on the Wrightsaid list pointed out. According to the author, the "aggelos" are some kind of spies (messengers) who attended meetings to make sure they were on the up-and-up with the empire. It was a very interesting paper.


Michael W. Kruse

Now that is a take I haven't heard before. I'd love to learn more.

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